Welcome to Silikon Valejit

Yeah, you read right, Silikon Valejit, and nope, I'm not talking about the Silicon Valley in San Francisco, California. I'm talking about Silikon Valejit in Morovia, somewhere near Greece (maybe). Some island somewhere around there! This faithful representation was created by me thanks to google maps and paint! Morovia is your common and (not that) … Continue reading Welcome to Silikon Valejit

Deadline: an interesting way of learning project management

Today, I'm here to write about a novel, but not any novel, "The Deadline: A Novel About Project Management." This novel has everything everyone can dream about: spies, corporations complots, and project management. The cover of the book This novel follows Mr. Tompkins (also known as Mr. T.), a recently fired manager trying to catch … Continue reading Deadline: an interesting way of learning project management

New semester!!

This is a new post from a new semester, this time the main topic of my posts will be "Project Evaluation and Management" in its specific category (TI2011), so actually this post is only for the creation of that category! A meme just to fill out some space: "Overstressed student" retrieved from Pinterest