Using UML

If you don't even know what UML means, please go to the last post and check that out, or you can google it really fast and continue reading this. UML is really powerful when modeling software, but there exist multiple types of diagrams and is really helpful to know them to know what to use in each case: Structure … Continue reading Using UML

Design before doing

The typical software developer is used to start working in its projects with just the idea, but this is not usually the best way to do this. Let us think you decided to design your software, you created really great diagrams, and they look really… interesting: "Pinhole Diagram" by awrose is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND … Continue reading Design before doing

Let’s try to not reinvent the wheel… kind of

Everyone knows what a bike is, and if you don't, here is one: "bike" by monikomad is licensed under CC BY-SA You can get a general idea of how the bike is formed by the simple experience of looking to a lot of them. The bike is generally composed by: Two wheelsTwo pedalsA-frameA sitA … Continue reading Let’s try to not reinvent the wheel… kind of