¿Es esto a caso el final?

El semestre esta llegando a su fin, todos los alumnos empezamos a estar asi: Pero en cierta forma, desde mi punto de vista personal (tal vez por masoquismo) es la mejor parte del semestre. Es la parte del semestre donde tenemos la libertad de trabajar en nuestros proyectos como más se nos plazca, ya no … Continue reading ¿Es esto a caso el final?

Is this post completed yet?

Nope, the post is not completed yet. (But please keep reading)Testing the post Testing as a lifestyle! The test-driven development is a methodology of software development (but it could be used in other kinds of subjects too), where the first thing you do is create the test that defines what your code needs to do. … Continue reading Is this post completed yet?

Let’s try to not reinvent the wheel… kind of

Everyone knows what a bike is, and if you don't, here is one: https://www.flickr.com/photos/27364863@N04/3773952426/in/photolist-6Kuuzh-2Z5LaM-cjyuDm-btpVbf-4maB9p-6HjuWX-8T2R8g-cyw58G-7jaMsC-6zDVZT-ikpedy-7m2Qwj-3x2Qj-h42jHX-8jeZVe-7m2WdQ-9zRGBF-4E25zY-jqmNy-4mQgEC-7kXRak-pSqA6-7m2RzW-a7Wcyw-8HCLBB-9mPNcZ-52dATW-7m2Pss-7kXV9K-cZK1E5-8jWtgd-56AJ7o-7m2HLd-8jPhrP-5VSW2C-59EVW3-49ECVs-9uZk8r-a6ddx-APSMu-9CGWSs-e2jFhi-bze9ER-dRXCpC-3aVAD8-7kXToF-dRXAm9-55YxRb-e1mMRo-7m311s "bike" by monikomad is licensed under CC BY-SA You can get a general idea of how the bike is formed by the simple experience of looking to a lot of them. The bike is generally composed by: Two wheelsTwo pedalsA-frameA sitA … Continue reading Let’s try to not reinvent the wheel… kind of